preflight check

What needs to be checked out preflight?

Before Starting any aircraft operations, it is imperative to do a pre-flight check of the aircraft. This is mandatory before flying an airplane. Every aircraft is given a checklist. Unfortunately, you will sometimes find pilots walking around going through the motions but seeing nothing. I heard a story about a pilot that did a pre-flight walk around but still attempted to take off using a huge water container attached to each the wing. There’s a standard procedure for assessing each aircraft, starting at the left wingtip and moving around clockwise. Never go flying if the pre-flight check has not been completed.

Make sure that all necessary paperwork is available. There are
four items of paperwork that ought to be on board every single flight.
If you can remember that the letters AROW you won’t have any
trouble recalling what’s required:

Airworthiness certification
Registration certificate
Running handbook
Weight and balance data

All these documents will need to be on board and the Airworthiness
Certification has to be on display in a location where it’s easily visible to passengers.

Students also must have their logbook for flight hours and their Student Pilot Certificate/ Medical Certificate on every flight once you are flying without the flight instructor in the plane with you.

The checklist is made specifically for each airplane. Below is the checklist for the Tecnam Bravo P2004 which is one of the planes I fly regularly during my training. You must go through each and every item on the list to ensure everything is ok before you take off.

preflight check
preflight check


This is what is checked before each flight at my school. Checklist begins pre-flight and there are also other checklists in cases of emergencies. Making sure these checklists are followed is what keeps everyone in the air and on the ground safe.

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