What Does It Take To Get Your Private Pilot License?

What Does it take to get your private pilot license?

I have chosen to follow my dream of being a pilot, The first step in my path is to obtain my private pilots license. Working for the private pilot license
requires time, money and commitment. The Private Pilot Certificate is critical in
being able to fly small-engine airplanes. Remember that the certificate is
a stepping stone in case you dream of working for an airlines. Even though you can begin your training at any age, the recommended minimum age is 17 years.

The requirements of getting a private pilot license are categorized into various
sections. Some of the things you’ll encounter include 10 Hours Solo, 20 Hours
dual instruction, and 40 Hours Total. For you to train for solo, you need to be
at least 16 years and be 17 years old to get your actual license The required flight time
is forty hours which includes twenty hours of flight instructions from your
trainer and ten hours of solo flight time. Out of these requirements, you’ll
also find things like;

• Three hours cross-country dual instruction
training for a single-engine plane,

• Three hours of night-time flight
instruction that features not less than 100 miles, ten landings and ten

• Three hours of instrument-based flight

• Three hours of dual instruction which is
ideal when preparing for your final practical test. This should be done within
60 days before the final test.

For the solo, you’ll need;
• Five hours of a cross-country flight, one
flight of not less than 150 nm distance with three landing points and one
section of more than 50 nm.

• Three takeoffs and full stop landings at
the airport with a control tower.

Choosing a good flight school is also paramount. You’ll need to consider the
credentials of the instructors, the number of years the school has been
offering the training, schedules of their training and their overall
reputation. Additionally, never forget
to ask them if they’ll provide you with a study guide to help you prepare for
the final tests. Most good schools care about the performance of their students
in their final tests. Ensure that the instructors possess proper aeronautical
knowledge, judgment and proper decision making.

A 3rd class medical certificate that meets the guidelines of the Federal Aviation
Association is another big consideration. As a candidate, you should be healthy
in terms of vision (near, distant and color), blood pressure and hearing.
Substance addiction, bipolar disorders, psychosis, and other
personality-related problems can also bar you from obtaining a private pilot
license. Other conditions that are not required in a private pilot are vertigo
and equilibrium-related problems.

The cost of acquiring a private pilot license varies depending on the duration of
the flight log before you sign up for your final test. While the FAA requires you
to log at least 40 hours of flight time, you may want to log more hours depending on your
learning abilities and budget. However, you may not take twice the recommended
number of hours as that can be unusual. Stats show that about 90% of all the
students who take their first flight trials pass the exam. The total cost of
your private pilots license can vary from $10,000 to $20,000 but there are various ways you can
reduce the cost.

Although the final exam for private pilot licensing can be challenging, taking the right approach, attitude and understanding the requirements above can make it much easier.

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