The best headset for pilots – Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

What do you think about spending $1,000 to buy the new Bose A20? The solution depends on what you’re looking for in a headset. It has excellent performance, and a comfortable


fit, as well as good features. However, there’s also a reason the company discontinued the X and its recent $850 price tag. Other than the additional Bluetooth capability, justifying the extra $250 would have been difficult for most buyers. Now if you want a Bose you have to get the A20. Not that it is awful, just expensive.

Battery life is reported to be an outstanding 40 hours on two AA batteries. Similar to the X, the A20 is available in panel-powered or battery modes. Bose was the first ever to introduce active noise reduction headsets, long ago and they’ve been improving upon them ever since. The A20 offers 30% greater noise reduction than any other conventional aviation headsets. The most important details in an aviation headset is that it needs to be both quiet and comfortable. The A20 has many features that make it the most comfortable headset on the market, It includes sheepskin cushions and a unique torsion spring that reduces the clamping force. It has the best reviews by far of any headset on the market and is the go to for pilots.

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