benefits ofr ecreational flying

5 Benefits of Recreational Flying

Becoming a pilot is not only a great way to make money and have a career There are numerous benefits to becoming a pilot that have nothing to do with taking home a pay check. That is why being a pilot is not just a job, for many it is a way of life and has numerous advantages during the off times as well as while you are on the clock.

People who learn to fly and become a pilot not only do it for the money, They love and enjoy to fly. There is a huge tight knit community of aviators. All enjoying and making a life that comes with the freedom of being able to travel by plane in the air wherever they want. Its not only a career its a passion.

One type of group to join when you become a pilot is a flying club. Its a great way to spread out the cost of owning and operating an airplane. There are groups like these all over the united Sates. The two main types of clubs. They are corporate clubs where owners rent their planes out to second tier members who pay a membership fee. The other type is a partnership club where usually four owners share an aircraft exclusively. This cuts down on costs dramatically and makes it much more doable to fly at your own leisure. Once you become a private pilot its a great way to meet like minded people and lifelong friends as well as be able to fly afford ably whenever you want.

Another fun thing to do as a private pilot is to become a tour guide, because when you are a private pilot you can not charge anyone to ride in your aircraft by law but you can have people chip in for gas money this way and still travel without the excess expense.

As your confidence grows with flying some totally fun things to learn are stunts, including loops, barrel rolls, tail spins, and steep dives. All you need to start learning these maneuvers is your private pilots license and a strong stomach.

Also while it may sound completely crazy you are actually permitted to build your own airplane and fly it once you have your private pilots license. There are several clubs that focus on building recreational airplanes in their garages as a hobby. in fact there is a huge meet up in Wisconsin every summer where aviators fly in and show off the airplanes they have built. There is a company, glassier that has started just because of this hobby. They have parts, motors and tools available for anyone to buy and piece their own airplane together. There is nothing as exciting as getting into a plane you have built with your own two hands, taxiing down the runway and taking off.

Others like to find antique airplanes and restore and collect them, this is yet another hobby within the hobby of flying.

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